Garden Seeded Greeting Cards
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Garden Seeds Collection Boxed Greeting Cards


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The Garden Seeds Collection Boxed Set of Greeting Cards contains 6 Assorted Cards, each seeded with a specific vegetable seed. This boxed set of letterpress greeting cards is 100% handmade from craft to the 100% handmade, biodegradable, plantable and compostable paper. The assortment includes cards seeded with Carrot, Onion, Celery, Tomato, Peppers & Lettuce. Send more than a greeting card, send a garden!

Card Planting Instructions :
This handmade paper is embedded with vegetable seeds that will grow almost anywhere. Moisten card and plant just under the surface of soil in a sunny spot. Water regularly until seeds germinate. It is recommended to start seeds indoors. Sprouts will form in 10-14 days.

Box Set Includes :
6 Letterpress Greeting Cards
6 Green Coordinating Envelopes
Kraft Box with Planting Instructions